July 2007 - News Release

Cryogenic Systems and Parts™ has developed a “Gas Injection Loop”™ system which takes the pre-chilled nitrogen gas from the chamber and injects it into the throw wheel. This process reduces the initial machine pre-chill / cool down time, chills the media down to operating temperature reducing the deflashing cycle. This saves on nitrogen costs, reduces moisture in the cabinet which is the major cause for freeze up and loss of production.  The “Gas Injection Loop”™  now comes standard on the SCC 750™, SCC 1505™, SCC 3000™, LCC 6000™.  A kit is also available, which allows earlier machines to retrofit the “Gas Injection Loop”™.

Cryogenic Systems & Parts
3595 Cadillac Ave.
Costa Mesa, Ca 92626
E-mail: cryo@cryomatic.com

June 2006 - News Release

The redesigned SCC 750™ Cryogenic Deflasher is now equipped with pneumatic controls for opening and closing the main load door as well as dumping the basket.  This new ergonomic design reduces the major cause for back injuries by eliminating the need to manually remove and reinstall the basket filled with heavy parts.

Cryogenic Systems & Parts
3595 Cadillac Ave.
Costa Mesa, Ca 92626
E-mail: cryo@cryomatic.com


February 2006

The ultimate “State of the Art” on board drying system gives you automated drying of the machine and media.

• Dryer controlled through the touch screen

• Average dry times: 2 to 3 hours

• On board dryer does not increase the footprint of the machine

• Programmable dryer time: 10-480 minutes

• Programmable cool down time: 5-30 minutes

• Media circulation control switch

• Drying while circulating media promotes cleaning of media and Sweco screens

• A dry machine and media allows for fast start-up

• Auto shutdown (no need to return to machine to shut-off dryer or media feed system)

• Set it and forget it!


January 2005
SCC 1505 Cryogenic Deflashing Machine

New External Motor Gearbox Combination

New Basket Floatation Plate
100% Parts Containment
New SWECO Separator “Quiet Kit”
Titanium Throwing Wheel Paddles
Touch Screen Controls with Security Lockout
New On Board Dryer Option
Stainless Steel Core Door Seal
Automatic Basket Dump and Unload
New Safety Features